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XMC [1.1]



1.) Put the XmC.pk3 file into your mohaa/main directory
2.) Run your mohaa.exe or I-Bot.exe
3.) Press F8 in the game to toggle the menu.

Descrisão: Toggable Cham skins
I-Bot Burst Fire
I-Bot Burst DELAY
I-Bot Aim Vectors
Connect to IP
3rd Person (Cheat P.)
No Cull (Cheat P.)
No Fog (Cheat P.)
Developer Mode
Vid Restart
I-Bot Off/On
I-Bot Wallhack
I-Bot Autoshoot
I-Bot AutoAim
I-Bot Fov
I-Bot Team
Bypass Force Model
17 Rcon commands
4 Scripts:
1.) Church Roof - Issisx
2.)Southern France Roof - XmD1134
3.)I-Bot-C - XmD1134
4.)Easy Church Steps
Kill (Single Player)
3rd Person (Single Player)
Remove Target (Single Player)
All ammo (Single Player)
Heal Player (Single Player)
God Mode (Single Player)
7 Crosshairs

• Tamanho: menos que 1 mb
• Hospedagem: Easy-Share / Bit-Road
• Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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