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Javhax1.3 CSS

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1. launch Steam
2. double click "JAvHAX.exe"
3. launch Counter-Strike: Source
4. join a server
5. press "Insert" to bring up the menu
6. press F12 to toggle drawing

[AIMBOT]Key, Spot, Autoshoot, Team, Thru, AutoWall, Smooth ,Fov Silent, Type, Height

[ESP] Health, Armor, Name, Weapon, Entity, Plus, Circle, Box, Fountain, Distance, Dot, Sound, Enemy Only, Tracer

[REMOVALS]Hands, Smoke, Flash, Scope, Sky, Recoil, Visual Recoil, Spread

[SPEEDHACK] Speedhack, Speedkey

[VISUAL] Modelhack, Lambert, Colormodels, Barrel, Hitbox, Crosshair, Clock, Winamp

[RADAR]Radarhack, Radar Health, Radar Tracks

[MISC]Spinbot, Antiaim, Bunnyhop, Namestealer, Autopistol


• Tamanho: 200 kb
• Hospedagem: Easy-Share / Bit-Road
• Counter Strike Source

Download Javhax1.3

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